Team Burns Presents… SpringSing: Voices United for a Cure™ 2009

July 23, 2009

On Friday, April 3, 2009, Team Burns brought you the first annual “SpringSing: Voices United for a Cure,” a charity concert with proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society. An invitational competition co-hosted by the UGA Accidentals, SpringSing featured some of the best college a cappella groups in the nation, who competed for $1,000 prize money and bragging rights.

The Accidentals started the night off right with "Don't You Worry About a Thing"

The UGA Accidentals opened the show with a bang.

The Accidentals opened the show with an energetic rendition of Stevie Wonder’s classic “Don’t You Worry About a Thing,” and set the tone for the night. College a cappella groups from UGA, Georgia Tech, and Florida State followed suit, turning up the heat with every song.The competition was intense, but friendly.

While the judges deliberated, the Accidentals once again treated the audience to a fine show, singing Coldplay’s “Violet Hill,” warming up the crowd for the headlining acts. Professional groups Business as Usual and Blue Jupiter delivered a stunning performance. Business As Usual grabbed the audience’s attention, and gave an amazing show. Blue Jupiter came out with energy, holding the crowd captive with almost an hour of power.

The pro groups were so amazing that the audience almost forgot that they were waiting on the results of the collegiate competition. Following Blue Jupiter, Leslie Burns took the stage to deliver the results and prizes:

First Place: All-Night Yahtzee

Grand Prize Winner, SpringSing 2009: Florida State University All-Night Yahtzee
FSU All-Night Yahtzee | 1st Place

Second Place: Noteworthy

UGA Noteworthy

UGA Noteworthy | 2nd Place

Third Place: With Someone Else’s Money

UGA With Someone Else's Money

UGA With Someone Else's Money | 3rd Place

Special Award Winners


Best Arrangement: Dave Girtman of All-Night Yahtzee | “Lithium”

Best Choreography: Noteworthy (UGA)

Best Vocal Percussion: Paul Kozien of Sympathetic

Vibrations (GT) | “District Sleeps Alone Tonight”

Best Solo: Andrew Leonard of Infinite Harmony (GT) | “Happy Ending”


Congratulations and thanks to all SpringSing participants!

Thanks to everyone who attended for a wonderful show. The music was great, and many audience members described the evening as “magical.” The genuine efforts of those who came to sing for a cure are much appreciated. After crowd donations and a percentage of CD sales during intermission, the total raised for the American Cancer Society from SpringSing 2009 was $1,500!

We hope to see you again next year!


Want more SpringSing?

If you missed this year’s SpringSing and would like to see photos of the weekend, click here! Also, make sure to become a fan of SpringSing on Facebook. By doing so, you can see additional footage of the weekend and register for prizes and raffles in the coming weeks. Be a part of this historic charity event!

Link to Facebook Event

Become a Fan of SpringSing on Facebook


If you are part of a college a cappella group that would like to compete in SpringSing 2010, email Team Burns for more information. We would love to have more groups compete next year!




All Team Burns, SpringSing logos and other associated promotional artwork designed by Andrea Roberts.

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  1. Andi said

    YAY!!! When did this happen….

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